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About Dog School

Dog School is an affordable way to have your dog trained for you and/or supplement the training that you’re doing at home!

In our 12-week Dog School training program, your dog will come to training 2 days per week for 3 months. Therefore, Dog School requires a 3-month commitment (2 days/week for 12 weeks) for training.

You can choose your Dog School days for Mondays & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays and Dog School hours are 6:30am–6:30pm. Your dog should attend for at least 8 hours within our operating hours on your chosen two days per week. This allows your dog to receive the full benefit of Dog School and truly make an impact on your dog’s behavior.

To illustrate the skills your dog is learning, homework is given in the form of videos on our private Facebook group. Utilize these videos to learn, replicate, and continue working on your dog’s skills at home.

A Typical Day at Dog School

Dogs will go right from drop-off into a suite until Dog School begins. While in their suite, your dog is fed breakfast (which you must provide) using a canine enrichment toy.

At approximately 8am, your dog will enjoy some dog-on-dog playtime in small groups. If your dog is not group-appropriate, they will play one-on-one with a trainer (e.g., using a flirt pole with a toy).

Other activities throughout the day will include agility work and scent games. There will be breaks for your dog to rest between play times. This helps ensure no one gets overstimulated.

We incorporate training into all our activities, so there’s no specific number of hours of training because there’s training in everything we do.

Skills Taught at Dog School

Our training is designed for intensive training with our trainers working with your dog. Our trainers will work with you to establish what skills your dog needs to learn throughout the course of our program. 

Skills taught can include basic obedience commands like sit, stay, off (no jumping), loose leash walking, and reinforcing the dog’s name. We can work on dog reactivity, noises and phobias, come when called,  and muzzle training (if required for your dog’s vet, groomer, etc.). Additionally, our trainers can work on minor behavior modifications like barking and play biting as well as major behavior modifications like dealing with dog aggression, leash aggression, counter surfing, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and more.  


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Rules & Requirements

Required Vaccinations

All dogs MUST be current on DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccinations.

**Dog vaccination records MUST be uploaded within our booking site or via email.**

Dog Age Requirement

Dogs must be at least 16 weeks old.

What to Bring

Parents should bring your dog’s breakfast to be eaten at Dog School (and lunch and dinner if needed to eat during the hours your dog will be at Dog School).

Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

Ready to enroll your pup?

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