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Intro to E-Collars 2-Day Workshop with Robin MacFarlane

When: Saturday, May 4, 2024 AND Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 9:00am–4:00pm (both days)

Location: RPAW Animal Wellness Center, 15161 Feller St NE, Columbus, MN (Minneapolis–St. Paul metro area)

COST: $260 per person

Robin MacFarlane

Ready to register for the 2-day workshop with Robin MacFarlane?

Dog School of Minnesota welcomes internationally recognized professional dog trainer Robin MacFarlane!

  • Are you curious about remote collar training?
  • Have you wondered how e-collars can be used to strengthen the human-canine bond?
  • Would you like to have more confidence incorporating remote collars into your pet training business?
  • Do you want to minimize confusion and improve the desire, attitude and motivation in the dogs your working with?
  • Would you like your training techniques to be easily reproducible so your clients get better results?
  • Are you interested in improving your instructing skills so that you can build a tribe of highly devoted clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

About Robin MacFarlane

Robin MacFarlane has helped hundreds of professionals enhance their skills and learn how to better help their clients. Her vast amount of knowledge and dog training experience has been built over a 30+ year career. Her expertise in remote collar training is second to none and why so many people from around the world seek her out for their continuing education. Remote collars are more popular than ever and are being used by an increasing number of professional dog trainers. While using an e-collar is not difficult, using it seamlessly to bring out the most in the dog and enhance the human-canine relationship is an art form.

This remote collar training course is both lecture and discussion, combined with hands-on time practicing techniques and working with a variety of dogs. Robin instructs the entire course—you are not taught by an apprentice or student trainer.

Topics include:

  • The history and notable trainers behind remote collar development.
  • The science and psychology behind remote collar use.
  • Proper fit and placement options of the e-collar.
  • How to determine a level. The difference between too low, too high and just right!
  • Sequencing the training. Why starting with the right foundation makes all the difference in success.
  • Push, Pull and Stop. Why all three behaviors are needed to create a balanced e-collar training program.
  • Different techniques for different situations. How to adapt on the fly.
  • Combining other tools with e-collar use.
  • Using food, toys, and other motivators effectively in conjunction with e-collar pressure.
  • How timing, cadence, and stimulation levels influence performance.
  • How e-collar training helps fearful and anxious dogs.
  • Can you train with a remote collar or must a dog know all commands first?
  • Problem solving: How to deal with jumping up, leash biting, barking, and other nuisance issues.
  • When is the use of high level aversive pressure acceptable or advised?
  • How to help you client be successful with remote collar training.

Who should come?

Participants should be working as a dog trainer, assistant trainer, or other significant hands-on exposure working with a dog on a routine basis. Interested pet owners, including sport, or working dog handlers are also welcome.

Are there Working Spots for me to bring a dog to work directly with Robin at this workshop?

Up to 5 attendees may apply for a Working Spot at this workshop (see registration form for additional questions if you’d like to be considered for a working spot). 

If chosen for a working spot, you will be notified via email as soon as possible and with at least one week’s notice before the workshop; there is no additional fee for a Working Spot.

Are other participants’ dogs allowed?

Beyond the 5 attendees selected for Working Spots (see previous question), other participants’ dogs are NOT permitted at this workshop.

What is provided during the workshop?

Snacks, coffee, water, and lunch will be provided.

Do I need to sign a liability waiver?

Yes. All workshop attendees will sign a liability waiver at check-in on the first day of the seminar.

How can I learn more?

Learn more about Robin at robinmacfarlane.com.

What is the cost?

This 2-day workshop is $260 per person.

How do I sign up for the workshop?

Want to register for the 2-day workshop with Robin MacFarlane?

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